Never Play To The Gallery

Never Play To The Gallery

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I recently watched a small clip of an interview with David Bowie, where he explored the reasons as to why one ought to make art. ‘Never play to the gallery’ he says, as a chuckle escapes him. His charisma contained in a split second, I smile as I hear his eloquent thoughts formalise. I smile, because I know too well what he means. 

As a creative myself, and especially after having gone through the curriculum of a formal institution in the musical realm, I have often been faced with one main question: why is it that I create in the first place? It’s easy to lose sight, to lose steam, and to succumb to the potential financial comfort of what ‘playing to the gallery’ might be or feel like. And it's unfortunate to say that too many talented souls do succumb. But I hope that with the help of technology, and the Internet as a sharing platform these days, artists will regain the courage to truly pursue their passions the way they had intended to. Resisting the pressure to commercialise their art, all while finding the strength and diligence to truly say what it is they need to say. Because what is the point of art if it isn't to speak up, really.

Art is precious. It ought to be done for oneself to truly emanate the artist’s essence. It cannot be the simulation of an intention - it has got to be true and pure intention for it to reach its full potential. Because unfiltered, raw expression, is what humans connect with. In fact, there seems to be a low tolerance for hypocrisy these days. So as Bowie states, ‘never work for other people. Always remember that the reason you started working was that there was something inside your self that you felt - that if you could manifest it in some way - you would understand more about your self, and how you co-exist with the rest of society’

This creative, almost self-assigned responsibility, is not to be taken lightly. I believe the levels of vulnerability, inherently imbued within an artist’s soul, build the bridge between those who make art and those who don't. Like translators of this thing called 'life', into a tangible format one can go back to and revisit. We aim to concretise the abstract, help make sense of it. We try to give an additional layer of understanding to events in life, and ultimately create space that continuously allows humans to connect beyond the intellectual. 'Intentional art', as a sort of levelling field, allows us to find each other in the emotional plane and show how little reason there is to keep prejudice alive. Having said this, I honestly can't think of a better motive to make art. Can you?

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