Love Yourself This Valentine's Day - Organic Gifts Ideas

Love Yourself This Valentine's Day - Organic Gifts Ideas

It’s February, so you know what that means. That’s right - an influx of Valentine’s Day merchandise, reminders, eco friendly gifts articles, and nauseating humble-brag posts on your social media newsfeeds. Don’t worry – this article isn’t about to remind you, yet again, that you’d better get your significant other something amazing or they’re bound to hate you forever. 

We’re here to talk about something way more important: loving yourself. And this doesn’t just apply to Valentine’s Day; it applies to every day of your life. The holiday is just a great excuse to get started. After all, the most important long-term relationship you’ll have in your life will be with yourself. Doesn’t that mean that this relationship deserves some attention? 

If you haven’t jumped on board the self-care bandwagon yet, Valentine’s Day is the ideal date to give it a try. Whether you’re single and not really in the mood to mingle or generally drowning in stress and late-winter fatigue, self care will boost your mental health and help you feel comfortable in your skin again. Make the 14th your first ever self-care date with some of these quick ideas:

Take The world's best bubble bath 

That means you pull out all of the relaxation essentials, from candles and relaxing music to soothing essential oil soaks and a moisturising facemask. A glass of wine is optional, but recommended.

Create a dream date dinner for one 

Don’t wait for some guy to take you out for an amazing meal. Do some recipe research, go out and get the best high-quality ingredients, then cook up a storm and sit down for a candlelit dinner with your favourite music in the background.

Unplug from Technology

Valentine’s Day is one of the worst times to be online if you’re single. We could all use some space from social media, especially when we’re trying to take better care of ourselves. Disconnect for the day and enjoy the opportunity to connect screen-free with the people you love most.  

Envision and then create your perfect day

Close your eyes. When you try to imagine what the Best Day Ever looks like for you, what do you see? Is it a day spent tucked in bed binge-watching Netflix with delicious snacks and absolutely no work to worry about? Are you at the zoo with your kids, eating ice cream and laughing at the monkeys? Whatever you see, try to recreate it for just one day. Things probably won’t go perfectly, life rarely does, but if you experience moments of true joy then it’ll be more than worth it.

Reach out for support

For some of us, self-love is a little more complicated. You may have pain that can’t be soothed by a hot bath or a great meal. That’s okay; you’re definitely not alone. Make it a self-care goal to reach out to someone who may be able to support you in getting through this difficult stage of your life. That may be a psychologist, or just an old friend who always knows the right thing to say when you’re feeling hurt. You may not love yourself yet, but with a little help you could get there in time for next Valentine’s Day.

By the way, this advice applies to those of you who are happily coupled up just as much as it does to the singletons. Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day to show your partner how special they are – make sure you show the same level of affection to yourself.

                                                                                                             Text by Hannah Gascoyne