Sustainable Lifestyle – Here’s Where To Eat If You’re Going Vegan This Year

There are so many things to love about transitioning into veganism. You have the chance to live a cruelty-free, ethical lifestyle that’s all about loving the earth, loving our animal friends, and literally putting your money where your mouth is. If that wasn’t cool enough, veganism also gives you the opportunityto try a wide variety of delicious, healthy foods that you may never have tasted if you’d stuck to the boring flavours of the standard western diet.

Many people mistakenly assume that adopting a vegan lifestyle has to be hard work. In this day and age, that simply isn’t true. Restaurants around the world have taken notice of the rapid shift in the public consciousness toward healthy eating and sustainable living, and they’re making changes accordingly. You can now find tons of awesome, affordable places to eat that offer vegan options, and in some cases even entire vegan menus.

If you’re looking for new dishes and aren’t sure where to start, here are just a few of the delicious options for you to try. We’ve found great vegan-friendly restaurants that’ll take you from right here in Geneva all the way to your favourite yoga retreats in Bali.

Café Cacahuète | Geneva

This is the perfect spot to take your friends who aren’t quite sure about veganism yet. They have something for everyone, including vegan burgers that put the meat alternatives to shame, gorgeous cruelty-free pastries, and vitamin-packed smoothies that’ll fuel you through even the toughest mornings at work. It’s right in the middle of the city centre and has a huge menu that’s almost entirely vegan.
Be Vegan Make Peace

Food Stall | Geneva

Next time you visit the Plainpalais Market, you absolutely must check out this stall. You can grab plenty of different vegan alternatives to traditional foods like cheese and meat, as well as amazing take-out meals, cakes, and pastries. The owner is always up for a chat about all things vegan, so make sure you stop for a pep talk if you’re struggling to stay on top of your resolution.

Alchemy | Ubud | Bali

Not only is Bali an amazing place to visit for a soul-enriching, culturally fascinating holiday, it’s also a genuine paradise for vegans and healthy lifestyle lovers. Next time you visit, check out Alchemy in Ubud. They make incredible vegan desserts that will put your old dairy-packed favourites to shame. We’re talking raw chocolates, cheesecake, and the best vegan latte you’ve ever tasted. All of their decadent treats are raw, vegan, and packed with nutrition, so you won’t undo any of the hard work done at your yoga classes.

Divine Earth | Kuta | Bali

Divine Earth is run by a trained nutritionist and sustainable living enthusiast, so you can relax and enjoy his amazing food with the knowledge that you’re doing something positive for the earth and your body. The food is affordable and always made with fresh local ingredients – perfect for revitalising your body after a long day of sightseeing.

Text by Hannah Gascoyne

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