Introducing Annina Roescheisen

Let us Introduce You to ANNINA ROESCHEISEN…

Annina is a multimedia artist, a humanist and philanthropist. She approaches art as a tool to break down the barriers of elitist thinking and enhance connectivity.
Her quest for social change becomes more and more important through her artistic career. Her creative practice underlines the thought of art as voice and encapsulates emotion.
It underlines the artist’s belief of Art as an impact, free and important voice for social change.
Art becomes a universal language that disrupts the silence and brings our innermost feelings to the surface.
Current modes of language, based on word, fall short of our true experiences, thus Roescheisen uses art to promote expressive freedom.
Literature, music, and poetry serve as inspiration in her practice, where the written word, can be mirrored through image.

Art, as a non verbal and free language, can raise awareness as well on social topics.
Where the simple word seems often stuck in the brain,
the artistic visual language is piercing on the emotional body
and therefore opens up a total new lecture, liberty and thus responsible thinking.


#WhatBringsPeace is an all inclusive, worldwide installative video art project, composed of a traveling sculpture and of over hundred of verbal and non verbal interviews that together will compose a large scale art piece.

This project explores the pan-human quest for peace on individual and collective terms in response to increasing violence, environmental threats, and political extremism experienced globally today, making its mission timelier than ever.

Beginning its journey in Europe in early 2017, #WhatBringsPeace will travel worldwide.

With the participation of interviewees, followers, and supporters, the project will create an inclusive growing ‘community.’

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