5 Reasons To Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Style In 2018

It’s time to set some New Year’s resolutions, and this year we’re putting aside those unattainable gym ambitions and focusing on eco-friendly, sustainable fashion. Why not consider a resolution that could transform your wardrobe and revolutionise your outlook on fashion, all without putting any of our earth’s valuable resources at risk? If you’re not convinced, consider these 5 reasons to get inspired.

Eco-conscious fashion is, by nature, cutting-edge. When you shop in a way that’s smart and sustainable, you’re opening yourself up to a world of innovative design that you just can’t encounter in a generic chain store. You’re supporting designers that put thought into their work and immense creativity into their designs, so it stands to reason that the pieces you find will be more avant-garde. If you’re hoping to elevate your style in 2018 and expand the whole look of your wardrobe, shopping for eco-friendly fashion options will give you plenty to work with.
You have the chance to support local designers. When you pay cheap prices at a chain store, you’re essentially condoning the low-paid labour of disadvantaged people on another continent. As part of your resolution to incorporate sustainability into your fashion choices in 2018, you can make it your mission to support the brilliant up and coming designers in your own city. Not only will you be investing in their unique designs, you’ll also discontinue your support of unethical commercial practices. It’s a win/win.
You can play with textiles. When designers look for ways to create eco-friendly garments, they often experiment with textile choices to design a piece that’s both sustainable and stylish. Vintage denim can be reworked into a gorgeous new piece, and carefully sourced organic textiles are used to create garments with a completely unique texture and aesthetic. As the consumer you’re able to play with these innovative new looks without doing any harm to the environment in the process. These textiles are often more durable than the alternative, too, so you’re investing in an outfit that could be worn for years to come.
Experience personalised service. We’ve all experienced the chaos and stress of trying to find a great outfit in a busy mall store. You end up feeling rushed and overwhelmed, and often leave with something you don’t really love and probably won’t wear very often. When you shop for your carefully crafted, eco-conscious wardrobe, you can expect personalised service and sales assistants who genuinely want to help. The clothes are designed with attention to detail and plenty of imagination, so you’re finally able to have an enjoyable shopping experience and go home with a garment you’ll keep forever.
Free your own creative impulse. One of the ways we can start treating our style with a sustainable vision this year is to rework and recycle older garments instead of throwing them away. While eliminating unnecessary waste is a noble cause in itself, this also gives you the chance to express some of that creativity you know you’re harbouring. You can shop for totally unique vintage pieces and then tweak the design to suit your personal style at home, or rework your old favourite outfits to bring them up to date. Don’t allow self-doubt to restrain you; you can give your clothes a new lease on life while taking an important step forward for our planet.

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